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About Johnny

I am a licensed and ordained minister over 25 years who offers traditional, contemporary, civil, non-denominational, inter-faith, religious,  secular, and lgbt weddings, and vow renewals and perform over 100 weddings each year. I’m not a “stick in the mud.” I perform YOUR wedding YOUR way. I respect all religions or none equally. I will work with you to make your special day to include what you want in your special ceremony to make it very personalized. It is my only goal to perform your wedding with respect and dignity. I’ve performed weddings at many locations: homes, backyards, beaches, event venues, and public parks, as well as churches. I am licensed and ordained by established churches. Plus, I have an earned M. Div., and B. A.

Pricing is based on location, distance, and holidays. I am available 7 days per week. A walk through rehearsal is available 1-2 hours prior to your ceremony at no additional charge. No deposit, advance payment, or mileage charge is required. There is no fee to help write vows if done via email or phone. I am also willing to meet with you in person at a mutually convenient, date, and time at no charge to discuss your wedding plans.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at 713/817-2160 or